Our Staff

Brooke Rustad
, Administrator | Paula Essendrup, Financial Officer
Shirley Olson, Director of Guardianship, Conservatorship and Trust Services
Michelle Mikkelson, Human Resource Director

For over 50 years, the Presbyterian Family Foundation has been serving the needs of vulnerable people using an approach that supports and empowers people to achieve their potential. Beginning in the 1970s with troubled youth, we approached our work with compassion and dedication. Over the years, our work has shifted to serve adults with intellectual disabilities. New approaches to serving people have transformed the work we do to a community-oriented model of service, PFF continually strives to integrate best practices. With each person, PFF works to support and empower people to achieve their greatest aspirations.

Leadership contact information:

Brooke Rustad | Administrator
320.235.5897 / ext 111 / brooker@pffwillmar.org

Paula Essendrup | Financial Officer
320.235.5897 / ext 112 / paulae@pffwillmar.org

Shirley Olson | Director of Guardianship/Conservatorship Services
320.235.5897 / ext 122 / shirleyo@pffwillmar.org