Protecting and Managing the Assets of Vulnerable People

Conservatorship is a court-appointed service for a protected person’s funds and may include payment of debts, financial support and maintenance, selling property, approval of contracts, and application for financial benefits. The court determines the appropriate level of supervision necessary.

PFF has provided conservatorship services since 1996. PFF Professional Conservators provide services for people with mental illness, intellectual disabilities, dementia, brain injury, cognitive impairment, and chemical dependencies throughout Minnesota.

PFF is a member of the Minnesota Association for Guardianship and Conservatorship (MAGiC). PFF has contracts with individual counties in in central and southwest Minnesota to provide guardianship. Services are also available through private pay arrangements.

Conservatorship Services are always court-appointed. Whether a family is seeking a private pay arrangement or PFF is contacted by a county, the court must officially appoint PFF as the corporate conservator. The process begins with a petition to the court. The court oversees the conservatorship from that point forward.

To contact PFF regarding consertorship services, please call 320-235-5897 or 1-888-560-5897.