Other Services

Personal Representative of the Estate

When PFF serves in the capacity of Personal Representative of the Estate, it is the corporation’s duty and responsibility to work with an attorney to make sure that the deceased person’s wishes regarding their assets are carried out. PFF Professional Conservators gather information as required including taxes, debts, and assets. Working with attorneys and the court, PFF prepares notices regarding the Estate for all interested parties and potential heirs, and follows through with the sale or distribution of assets.

Power of Attorney Services

Sometimes, people need assistance from a well-known and respected corporate entity to handle their financial assets and interests. PFF can be named power of attorney on a signed, notarized, legal document to act as the attorney-in-fact. The scope of duties of the Power of Attorney can be very broad or quite specific depending on the person’s needs or wishes.

Trustee Services

PFF serves as Trustee for persons with special needs trusts, family trusts, court supervised trusts, etc. As named trustee, PFF manages the trust including asset management and paying bills as per the stipulations of the trust.

To contact PFF regarding these services, please call 320-235-5897 or 1-888-560-5897.