About PFF

We believe in the basic dignity of each human being.

PFF is a private nonprofit organization driven by a mission to serve the most vulnerable people in our communities — protecting, supporting and empowering them to pursue a life of purpose and fulfillment.

For each individual, this means something different. Each person has goals and dreams of their own and PFF serves the everyday dreams of each of the people in our care.

Much of the work that PFF does to make a difference for people is invisible to to the community because of its confidential nature. Humbly and compassionately, PFF staff provide care, encouragement and support. The following story illustrates the transformational power that a caring community can have on the life of one person.

When Claudia was first referred to services through PFF, she was living on her own in very poor housing conditions. At age 65, Claudia had lived with her parents and brother all her life in the family home. After the last of them passed away, Claudia was on her own in a rural area. While she owned the home, she had no heat, no electricity and no indoor plumbing. Her inheritance was gone after she had fallen victim to a charismatic religious leader’s plea for financial support. Claudia was left in isolation and without financial resources.

County social services intervened when a vulnerable adult report came in from the local emergency room after Claudia had come in with possible vermin bites. Through the court, PFF was appointed to provide guardianship and conservatorship services to Claudia. She moved into an assisted living facility where she receives three meals each day. Claudia has gained strength and better health through proper nutrition and her health improved when her medications were monitored with accurate timing and dosing. Now, Claudia is thriving! She is in charge of the community garden at her assisted living facility and regularly attends cookouts, bingo and crafts activities. With the support of PFF staff, Claudia’s quality of life has increased dramatically.

PFF coordinates a wide range of services to provide guidance to people with intellectual disabilities. They include guardianship and conservatorship services to guide and protect the assets of the individual, as well as intensive, 24-hour supervised residential living and coordination of community-based supports for vulnerable people.

You are invited to join PFF in this effort to serve vulnerable people in our community. You can help make everyday dreams come true. Every Day.