Deb got a visit from Officer James

Deb and her housemate, Jean, listen carefully to the story Officer James is telling about his job at the elementary school.

Deb just loves to talk about police, fire and rescue officers. She is fascinated by them and likes to watch police dramas after her workday is done. Deb has always been interested in their jobs “to keep people safe” and she knows the number to dial when there is an emergency: 9-1-1. However, she cannot easily get a chance to meet a real police officer.

For the last three years, Sandie has been the Site Coordinator at the PFF residence where Deb lives. She knows very well how much Deb appreciates law enforcement officers. Even though she had just gotten off a long shift, Sandie had Deb on her mind when she pulled up to the local Kwik Trip and saw a Willmar Police squad car parked there.

Inside, she found a very tall fellow in uniform. Officer James works as a Resource Officer at one of the City’s elementary schools, where the kids gave him the nickname “Kupkake.” His height can be intimidating, but he has a very easy-going nature which works well when he represents the Willmar PD as a Community Liaison Officer.

Sandie explained who she was and asked him if he would be willing to come for a visit with Deb in her home. It would mean SO much to Deb to be able to chat with a real police officer – and he said, “Sure!”

Officer James stopped by the house right after Deb got home from work. He sat down for coffee and cookies and told stories about his work at the school and how his radio works. Deb got to ask him a bunch of questions: “Have you ever seen a bank robber?” “Do you keep people safe?” “Do you run fast?” “Why do kids call you Kupcake?” She was glowing! Officer James patiently answered her questions, and everyone had some good laughs. It was a wonderful experience.

Thank you, Sandie! Your courage to stop a police officer in a convenience store led to a special gift to a person you serve – one that Deb is still talking about! PFF is grateful for your generous, thoughtful work!

Thanks also to the Officer James and the Willmar Police Department!