Lightening the load

This year, Larissa decided she needed to get organized and that meant she had to get rid of a lot of things she had been keeping around for no good reason — a situation many of us can relate to. She started in the morning to bag up a bunch of things to take to […]


The gals came to the office today — all at once! They came with Denise when she had to turn in some paperwork, but while she was busy handling business, these ladies were giggling together, visiting staff, sneaking candy from hidden stashes and generally having a great time. Jeri, Betty, Lisa and Wilma don’t all […]

Selling roses for AIM

Sarah is selling roses to benefit the AIM organization. She has a great “pitch” and is very detailed and serious about the ordering process. Sarah is a People First member, as are several of the people served by PFF. This fundraiser happens every year and the profits are used by AIM for advocacy, support and […]