PFF Has a New Look!

Over the last 18 months, the PFF Board of Directors and management staff have been developing a new Strategic Plan to outline our goals for the next several years. One of the key outcomes of this process was the realization that we need a new look. Ever since PFF was founded in the 1960s, we’ve had […]

Our Magic is Our Staff

We are so grateful to have employees who consistently put the people we serve first and foremost as they go about their daily work. Our staff are very aware that what is important to people is just as important as what’s important for people. PFF staff come up with wonderful ideas they share with each other and with management. We find that these […]

Working for Our Community

Having Fun Despite the Hard Work In June of 2017, our staff and some of the people we serve joined forces with other Willmar businesses and residents to construct the Destination Playground at Robbins Island in Willmar. We signed up for the first day and found out why no one signs up for the first […]

Kitty Finds a New Home

Kitty the cat showed up at Kristi’s house and decided to take up residence.  Of course, being a cat, he didn’t ask if he was welcome. As tempting a new family member as he was, Kristi’s allergies said “NO.” PFF to the rescue! Kristi brought him to PFF where he quickly made lots of new friends. Through one of […]