Finding things to do

When COVID-19 hit in the middle of March, PFF went into lockdown with the rest of the state. Safety protocols were put in place, hands were washed and masks were worn. It came as quite a shock to most of the folks we serve in our residential homes, because it meant that they could no longer go to work, see their friends or even go out in public. Activities were cancelled, they couldn’t go shopping and were pretty much stuck at home like everyone else.

This is when the PFF staff got creative. They have been inventing games, doing more crafts, getting everyone settled for movie nights and making meals together. There are so many things that the staff at the houses had to do to protect the residents’ health and at the same time, they needed to keep them busy, active and entertained.

Thanks go out to all our PFF staff for their creativity, patience and extra effort during this ongoing pandemic. You do such important work!